Thematic scope of the congress

Assisted robotic neurorehabilitation 
What's new in occupational therapy in Slovakia? 
Pharmacotherapy in neurorehabilitation 
Philosophical aspects of neurorehabilitation 
Case reports of patients using neurorehabilitation as part of comprehensive care 
Neurobehavioral deficits, invisible syndromes in neurorehabilitation 
Neurocovid, post-covid syndrome and the importance of neurorehabilitation and nursing care for these patients 
Neurorehabilitation of pediatric patients 
Orthopedic - prosthetic aids and prostheses, lifting and transport systems helping in neurorehabilitation 
Tensiomyographia in neurorehabilitation 
Spinal unit and neurorehabilitation 
Cooperation of physiotherapists and nursing staff in the ICU of neurological departments 
Virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and brain computer interfaces 
Vertebrogenic problems and neurorehabilitation, non-specific back pain 
Visual, auditory and tactile perception and its importance in neurorehabilitation 


Physiotherapy section 
Speech therapy section 
Psychological section 
Nursing section